Will internet cookies disappear?

Many of us have heard the word, others are terrified at the mere mention of it. Data, information, privacy, a series of controversies that today remain perpetually on the table of debates. The questions do not stop and the ethical dilemma  about their use remains, but do you know what cookies really are and why they will soon disappear?

Let’s dispel the smoke; let’s talk about cookies. In simple words, cookies are files that are generated when we visit our favorite web pages, with the user’s own authorization, it is now possible to have information about the sites you browse, from this, the offer of content that is offered to the user is faithfully adjusted to their tastes and interests.

It is really a harmless tool, which does not collect personal data, photographs, personal files or any other data that compromises the security of the Internet user. However, anonymity is not guaranteed and there are a good number of Internet users who consider cookies to be a highly invasive tool, especially when using so-called third-party cookies, i.e. those generated by suppliers external to the website in question. Cookie script wrote an extensive article on third-party cookies, which explains the main differences with the other types of cookies, you can read the article here. As for the social implications of third-party´s cookies elimmination Pamela Pump´s article The Death of the Third-Party Cookie: What Marketers Need to Know About Google’s Looming Privacy Pivots, offers a whole panorama on the repercussions of this new scenario where cookies no longer exists.

Now, since the beginning of 2021 something big is brewing in terms of privacy and cookies are about to disappear. Google started the fire by announcing the elimination of this tool and making the replacement with privacy sandbox; Firefox and Safari are joining this movement, this aims to protect user privacy while seeking to improve the results obtained by advertisers.

Now it is only a matter of time to know if privacy sandbox will be the perfect alternative to cookies.

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